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The Grapevine

The Grapevine is our weekly news sheet, and is freely available from the church every Sunday. If you have any notices for the Grapevine, please pass them to Edna Willox (01242 510773) - - by the preceding Wednesday.

Copies of the Grapevine can be downloaded here:

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The Lantern

Inside St Christopher's

The Lantern is a monthly magazine for members of the Church and the Warden Hill area, and costs 45 pence per issue (or £5 for a yearly subscription).

If you have any contributions for the Lantern, please pass them to Isabel Hitchings. If you have any questions regarding distribution/subscription, please also speak to Isabel (01242 243099) - .

Advertising space is available and costs £20 for a half-A5-page advert (black on white background) for 1 year / 12 issues. Please contact June Harrison (01242 526080) for further details.

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In Touch

The URC logo

In Touch is the monthly magazine for the URCIC. For information on how to contribute, subscribe or advertise in it, please see the URCIC's In Touch page .

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In addition to the The Latest Grapevine , which should be updated weekly, these have also been updated in the last 2 months:

23rd December

Christmas 2017 section

2nd December

This Month's Music

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